Carbon Neutral

Vegetarian every Monday, low carbon and environmental protection;

The first year of plant meat The first year of carbon neutrality

During the two sessions, "carbon neutrality" and "carbon peaking" were written into the government work report. Among many food types, plant meat and carbon neutrality are also closely related.

Livestock - a neglected corner of carbon emissions

The total global CO2 emissions from livestock reach an annual 7100,000,000 tons  is close to the proportion of total global greenhouse gas emissions18%&nbsp ;, more than the emissions of cars, planes, trains and ships combined. It can be said that every bite of chicken, duck and beef you eat contributes to global warming. A lack of small plant meat is not only a new daily meat ingredient, but also a representative of a low-carbon sustainable lifestyle.

Caring for Animals

Animals such as chickens, pigs and cows are stuffed into cages that cannot be turned around for a lifetime, and they have been laying eggs and milking them since they were born, until they were killed and sold for meat. There is no emotional communication with my parents, I have not seen nature, and I have not eaten normal food, so I am very sad.

We used to think that they were all stupid, and they might have been on the farm all their lives, and they might not feel pain. But then I saw research showing that they can actually be very painful too. The emergence of vegetable protein in dishes can help us reduce cruelty to animals and fully consider animal welfare.

ECO development

If one day, people can taste the sweet and fluffy "braised pork" without any scruples, and no longer take into account the garbage effect caused by fat, cholesterol and other ingredients; people can enjoy "fried chicken" without worrying about the feeding process. The health hazards brought about by hormones;

When people only need to focus on delicious food, without worrying about the harm to life and the burden on the environment, how fantastic and beautiful it will be! These futuristic-sounding things are accelerating into reality.