What is plant protein meat?

It uses vegetable protein as raw material, combined with some ingredients and food processing technology, to make products with similar taste, flavor and aroma to real meat.

Fuyao is planted with high-moisture vegetable meat products to form a 5D simulation effect of texture, flavor, taste, color, and sound. Close to the taste of real meat. Extrusion moisture up to more than 60%.

Introduction of Fuyao Vegetable Meat

Fuyao is planted with plant-based protein meat products, and independently developed twin-screw extrusion to achieve the international advanced black box technology. The water content of vegetable protein meat reaches 60% to 70%, which is close to the texture and taste of animal meat.

Fuyao plant meat protein meat products have the characteristics of   high protein, high dietary fiber, low fat, 0 cholesterol, 0 trans fatty acid, 0 hormones, 0 antibiotics and so on.

Zerohormones, Zerotrans fatty acids, Zerocholesterol, ZeroAntibiotics, 400%fat, 4% dietary fiber, 2 times the protein